About Warren Augustus Neun Light

In my years I have raised cattle & poodles in Illinois; put up hay; taught mathematics; calibrated oscilloscopes in Hawaii; worked to create cosmic rays; detonated thermal nuclear devices in Nevada; calculated precise satellite orbits; worked to keep airplanes from colliding; and supported energy traders in Texas.

I have worked for the DOE, the DOD and the DOT.

As a founding member of the Birdseye Boys, I have backpacked extensively in the Grand Canyon, Zion Canyon, and the Spring Mountains of Nevada.

I have lived in 22 different postal locations - from Hawaii to New Jersey and from Florida to Oregon.

I was married to a beautiful angel for 50 years that I met in 1966. We have two boys, and three grand children.

Activities that I enjoy

I have lived in all of these locations:

So, we found a new home in Cuenca, but I brought my boots 'n hat from Texas, Y'all!

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